Success is not measured by who you beat or where you place; it’s measured by how hard you work and how far your come. For Araceli Roiz, as long as she know’s she is doing her best, crossing each marathon finish line is a victory in itself.

Araceli has loved running since she was a kid. She started taking running more seriously in high school when she became a member of the track team. She joined the team mostly for the community, wanting to focus her passion for running towards a group effort and something bigger than herself. She has always enjoyed working with and helping others, and she feels more motivated when her efforts are making an impact on a bigger picture.20120812 ocean pic

Near the end of high school, she suffered a knee injury that sidelined her from physical activity for a while, but Araceli wouldn’t let the setback stop her from enjoying a physical activity she had always loved so much. After some recovery time, she started attending California State University Stanislaus where she was able join several workout classes that eventually motivated her begin training for marathons and triathlons. Motivated by the runners and athletes around her, she decided that if they could do these seemingly impossible runs, so could she.

From that moment on, Araceli has continued to push herself both physically and mentally as she takes on marathon after marathon. She knows the road is never easy, but she always keeps in mind that everyone she runs beside on race day has the same fears and challenges, setbacks and discouraging moments that she does, and they’re still there, so she can too.

Araceli-Roiz-and-ChildRunning brings balance to Araceli’s life and peace to her mind, while keeping her healthy and full of energy for spending time with her family. Aside from her daily run, she puts in a few days a week at the gym, and combines those workouts with outdoor activities such as hiking and swimming. Beautiful California weather helps her stay active year round.

The character Araceli has built through her years of dedication to running has made her not only a great runner and teammate, but also a great employee and team player. She has focused her career on making herself an invaluable asset to the finance industry, and she is now sought out for her financial expertise.

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