Ten decades of exercises have come and gone, and over these 100 years exercising has taken various forms and techniques. From the hula-hoop exercise craze, to the neon spandex phase, and now up to the dance/club environment some gym classes impersonate. From its earliest form, women’s workout consisted of light stretching to avoid and each constipation. Today, women are losing and toning their bodies in ways which seemed imaginable 100 years ago.

From 1910-1950, women primarily focused on minimal movement which would not break a sweat. Most of the exercises were to alleviate pain rather than lose weight. They would also wear outfits similar to nightgowns.

As soon as 1950 hit, the women’s fitness circuit took on major changes. The 1950’s are officially the hula hoop era for women’s fitness. The notion of losing weight and having fun with friends swept the nation. The 1960’s though went in the complete opposite direction where the Trim Waist was the craze, essentially a corset which would be used to help lose weight. Like many expected, this did not last very long.

The 1970’s and 1980’s were by far the most exciting for women, the era of Jazzercise and neon bright leotards. The 1970’s brought on the Jazzercise era by Sheppard Missett, former Broadway performer. Jazzercise was a form of aerobic exercise which is intended to burn calories while slimming and toning the body. When though it is not as popular in the United States as it once was, it is still practiced in over thirty countries around the world. The 1980’s may have been the most memorable decades of exercise ever. The high energy aerobic kicking and punching while wearing the massive headbands with hair in a side ponytail. Who could also forget the bright fluorescent outfits worn. Even though the outfits are long gone, the idea of high energy workouts are just as popular as ever.

In the more recent decades a combination of the past century shaped what is happening today in women’s fitness. The notion of high energy, dance incorporated workouts are taking over gyms throughout the world. With Zumba and other dance workouts now available, it is no surprise that women enjoy going to the end. They go with friends, and are dancing, who would not like a workout like that? These women love it.

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