Working out can consist of many different forms of training. Cardio and light weight work are most common among women. Toning and getting lean is the goal, most of these women avoid a strict weight training routine though. The reason for this trend is based on women believing they will begin to gain muscle and begin to be seen as masculine. Against popular belief it is tough for for females to build masculine arms, so working out with weights will not be detrimental to any training. In any case, it will help workout routines.

Model Amy Willerton explains how lifting weights as a part of her routine, can elevate any workout and show desirable results. At first, she believed in the hype that lifting weight can work negatively in a woman’s strive for a lean body, but after research she realized the difference it can really make!Here are her reasons why lifting weights can help out any woman.

First, and most important is that women will not necessarily get bigger. Women have 1/10th of hormone testosterone as men, which is most important to building muscle mass. Looking manly will take ten times as long as a man, so looking like a man will not be too much of an issue. 2015-08-03-1438594703-5125551-IMG_9598.JPG

The next is when muscle is built, calories burn much faster, which helps lose those unwanted pounds, which gaining muscle. Gaining muscle is important too since gaining muscle allows you to eat more! It is okay to eat more since the body will need energy to sustain the muscle weight and the calories which are being burned.

Besides the look factor, the muscles that can come from weight training can help with day to day physical tasks, which may have been a problem in the past.

Gaining muscle is also a great way to improve posture. Having defined core muscle, not only looks great, but also helps with posture due to the muscle contractions which takes place with a rock hard routine.

All in all, women, do not be afraid to work out and train with weights. It can only help, and gives the body a better look, as well as providing health gains. For more fitness news and information, please visit Araceli Roiz’s Official Website.